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Vulture roots



Up until a few days ago that rubble was the old Baynes house. The only inhabitants thereof were and are a pair of vultures and their fledglings.
Somehow it appears that the young ones survived the bulldozer pushing the house down.
I have watched those crazy birds drop down into that mess several times and I can’t imagine them hanging around at all if the younguns didn’t survive.

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  1. I wonder where they could be at in all of that? You are so observant! 🙂

  2. I like vultures; much misunderstood creatures.

    • I just showed my mom the picture because she remembers when that house was full of people.
      She talked about how thankful she was when the vultures cleaned up all the dead fish in our pond.

      I love to watch them ride the thermals.

      lots of misunderstood creatures in the world 🙂
      thanks for coming by Viv!

  3. vultures are cool~! cuz they are so strong and ruthless. the first time I read about vulture was from a graphic novel. it described the eye of a stingy old landlord as ‘a vulture’s eye’. after that, i’ve been always thinking that creature as scary. why did that little cottage collapse? because of the earthquake? did anyone survive?


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