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The strength of triangles


The strength of a triangle
Is all that holds birds in the sky
On their way to warmer
to colder

Birds are always on vacation

They mock us from above
Held down here by gravity
On this slothful sphere
Tripping over hexed hexagons

They cry out in vectors of laughter
Crisscrossing through the clouds

They send a raincheck
We reach out to catch the feather as it falls
Rolling its way through the sunlight


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  1. I love that raincheck feather! My daughter sticks them into a crack on the dashboard of our car. Oh and something about that phrase that birds are always on vacation reminds me of a Dr. Suess story! πŸ™‚ Thank you! I’m almost back to writing something everyday . . .almost. Not as lively and interesting as yours though! πŸ™‚

  2. Da Vinci, I’m told, said, “There are patterns. Pay attention.” Maybe it’s just me who sees the math in your poems … or some of them. Or should I say sum of them. Is it? (Just me?) If not, are you friends with it? Or, are rhombus(i), hexagons, vectors, spheres, and triangles sometimes just that, spose?

  3. a mathematical poem~!
    there are many different kinds of triangles. from your drawing it seems that you like the equilateral one haha~~~!
    ‘laughters’ ARE ‘vectors’ cuz they have directions haha~~~

    • Equilaterals are the strongest!

      I sent a few “vectors ” out into the world after reading your coyote comment.

      • haha i was a clown all the time~! thank you for appreciation haha~~~!
        hmmm and 36o 72o 72o (o is degree) triangle is pretty~!!!
        hmmmmmm equilaterals shall be the strongest in a homogeneous gravitational field… i mean not just downward : ) … or less symmetry in the external field might do too

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