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The whole world sleeps


Just before I fall asleep

?Is someone :
picking oranges in California
Half way done with a 12 hour shift in a factory in China
Laying on a beach in Australia
Getting their tan in the English rain

>>>No silly
They are all in a deep warm comatose
A million miles from the sun
Their dreams growing like bacteria
on warmed over food
Their brains on simmer in the moonlight
The whole world is sleeping
Sleeping through the longest night

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  1. If we have seen the enemy and it is, indeed, us, then rest is necessary before that showdown with self.

    Do you know the term samaya? A teacher, who through no fault of his own, swore these vows to me, and teaches me still.

    I mention this because in that spirit we are all teachers of the other, until we are on our knees fully embracing the precept that there is truly “no other.” I mention this because in my clearer moments, where I am no longer un perdedor, I see “showdown” as a showing or a teaching.

    Can I lay down my weapons as I am shown? Can I look at the dross and love it for what it is … perhaps my finest teacher of all?

    May I consider all this and not go back to sleep.

    Again, Namaste.

  2. Time – room – for a little lay down, then (no question mark).

  3. lovely~!

    the world is a big choir~~~ while we people here stopped for a breath~ someone on the other side of the choir is singing for the song, and for us all~~~ therefore the song of the earth never ends~!!!

    Haha is the orange circle the sun? So cute~~~ the light rays look like its beard~~~

  4. You have me smiling at the bearded sun! Now I will have to wait and see where that takes you next! But first . . .sleep and let your dreams grow. 🙂
    Thank you for keeping us going!


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