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The hunger of the lowlands


Rest beside a river
Where snakes hang from the trees
Lay on a bed of rich green moss
Search for fishlike shapes below
Fool yourself with shadows, gnomes and rue
Let your dreams all go downstream
Under the covered bridge
To fall amongst the fertile silt and wait for floods to come
So to wash up upon a dull soft bank
and cause the seeds to sprout
Then to face and follow the brightness of the sun
And let your dreams come out


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  1. Wherearetheheros thank you for this. It’s like balm to this soul tonight so beautiful

  2. i must be addicted to your poems~~~ this is beautiful: dreams flowing down the stream and nourishing the seeds and their flowers~~~ so beautiful~! and love can flow down the milky way and shine on my sister who’s flying to texas…
    i always wish myself to be close to the earth as you~. but i can’t. the truth is: snakes are scary and mosquitoes won’t leave me alone.

    • thanks so much

      I have a poem somewhere ,I may never find it, about the water that (not to be vain only to search for beauty and clarity) you may like.

      the snakes and mosquitoes leave in the late fall ,around here anyway.
      I wish for you to be closer to it somehow too.

  3. Something wonderful about the dreams and the river and the seeds. 🙂 Thank you! What you said about “to face and following the sun” . . .I read recently that sunflowers turn back toward the east, toward the sun, at night , expectantly. Sorry for my randomness here! ha!

  4. That’s a lovely image – dreams scattered to grow somewhere else


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