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for Leslie and Summer

another water kind a poem


Snow and rain


The willow listened to the brook all winter

He sang her song about the spring

And how he loved her even now

Exposed, sad, not so thirsty

She could not speak


The brook froze over

And snow was deep

In the silence they thought

Of spring

Of love

Of clear flowing water

Of soft leaves that kissed the water

In the wind

Of dripping leaves giving back

And deep roots on the bank

Holding it in place

As the flood dashed by madly

Of the decayed delicacies laid at her feet

By the mad water


In spring they sang these songs

All these things they thought of

In the winter

In the ice

While bare and wanting


In the summer the stream dried up

She sang him a song about the fall

How she would give of herself

And he would take away

To make things grow


How she loved his ways

And did not understand them

How much she loved him

If she didn’t need him

But she did

And she told him

When the wind let her


Sometimes during a summer storm

He told her quickly that he heard her


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  1. I am overcome with the grace and gentleness of this piece. With much gratitude, L

  2. i like the picture inside…
    yes sometimes we have to be separated from the ones that we loved
    then somehow we started telling ourselves that ‘we are sharing the same sky’ ‘is she also gazing at the moon at this time’ ‘am i looking at the direction of where he is’ ‘she’s breathing the same wind’… to make believe that he/she was still here… love is sharing and blessing. and that’s maybe why he and she thought they were sharing the wind and the storm

    • I really like the way this worked for you.
      It must be hard to be so far from your family .
      I have always been around family(on my mothers side). The land I live on has been in the family for a close to 80+ years .

      Here is a song about two people separted by an ocean:

  3. Wow . . .so, so wonderful. 🙂 As “she could not speak” . . .neither can I. Thank you!

  4. Beautiful indeed.


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