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Zebras strike at nine


Float with fireballs
Weightless across the sky
Lemon scented kisses
Tastes of keylime pie

Hunger hunger
Just enough
To make the savor sweet
Hopelessly complete

More bells than can be borne
Nests and foxholes , unfurrowed brows
Transparent unicorn

Leprechauns at leisure
Weeds up stretch to the sky
Beanstalk fairies turn the stars
Zebras strike at nine


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just someone my mother might know

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  1. So wonderful . . .all of it. Reading you relieves stress and transports me to a better place. Thank you!

  2. why was the kiss lemon scented? your wife likes lemon flavored lip sticks?
    hmmm… one day my boyfriend will wrote a poem with cherry scented kisses~~~haha

    the drawing was looked quite mathematical to me~~~ the curves, the local coordinates….

    • Oh no my wife does not use flavor lipstick. I just like the scent of lemons and it sets a tone of freshness.
      Local coordinates? Are you referring to the clock fixing to strike 9 ?

      • haha… sorry to mistake your clock as the vector field~~~
        physics used to be my major for 4 years in college and 2 years in here, therefore this drawing really looks like: the lines are the potential curves in the electrical magnetic field, and the arrows indicate the tangential and purpendicular direction on the curve, and the flux through the circle is zero… -.-!!! that’s my first reation…
        haha now i understood… it’s a clock~! haha~~~
        my ex bf used to call me lemon too… because my original name was somewhat related to lemon…haha

  3. Summer I could see it !
    I did not do so well in Physics with Calculus but I still knew why you thought that 🙂


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