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Of goats and glory (all is vanity)


Your life spins like a reel to reel
You can hear it purr in those rare moments of silence
Your dreams slide along as magnetic particles as you breathe in the deepest night
You stop and twirl with it
Your inhibitions a thousand rotations away
You believe -in your vain moments –
that when you die the catcher reel will be preserved
Your life filed away for wisdom
You think of a vault with marble floors and a skylight

Your tape is running out onto the floor
You are trailing out the window
Your record catches the wind
You are devoured by goats
Your marble halls are shiny brown balls
Glistening in the autumn sun


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  1. The catcher reel is absolutely “preserved.” However, the recording is surprising, organic, cosmic, and re-doable. It’s only our thinking that makes it seem otherwise, makes it seem that what we set down is carbon, that makes it seem that we’re in Beta version. We’re so not. ~ RunawayKeyboard

    • Whoa, dats deep .
      I was just making a statement about vanity really.
      Some days I feel pretty Beta.

      now you got me on Linda Ronstadt

      feeling Beta, now that were through
      feeling Beta, baby Im over you
      I learned my lesson and it left a scar
      now I see who I really are
      im no good, im no good ……..

      here —–just grab this thread šŸ™‚

      thanks for smokin this one over Leslie!!

  2. Ever catch LR in The Pirates of Penzance with Kevin Kline? Fabulous. Over & out ~ Skylark

  3. I was waiting for this, after reading your comment that you were thinking about reels and goats. The ending . . .I had to love it. Just had to. Thanks!

    • I must admit I have fed goats copious amounts of survey flagging and laughed and laughed.
      In my youth mind you,I know its bad for them but it just cracked me up how I could hold the roll and they would just keep nibbling away.

  4. i also believe that when we die something will be left to the next generation…our thoughts and constructions in both physical and mental buildings. there must be something we can do for the future of humanity~
    haha… you would like to be eaten by goats~? hmmm…. i would like to be eaten by eagles~~~

    about vanity, somebody mistook my will of chasing beauty and goodness as vanity… what shall i do? hero? T.T


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