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The two dimensional goat


Our scene begins on tundra.
The camera rolls across nothing but tundra for just as long as you can bear it.
We arrive at a pile of remarkably clean tin cans that glisten in bright blue tones across the face of a very two dimensional billy goat. Our goat appears to have been handcrafted by a kindergartener
with limited supplies. When the beast has devoured the last can he jumps into the gray sky and transforms into a fighter jet that blows out peace sign contrails across the sky. The camera pans back down to a group of five young people sitting in a circle around what used to be a large pile of cans.
A discussion of what  just happened ensues and eventually the boy in the red shirt grows very angry at the girls from Indiana who insist that the whole thing went down exactly as we, the audience,have  just witnessed. He raises his hands in wild abandonment and then throws them to the ground, both of them landing in little piles of goat poop.


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  1. Your creativeness makes me smile so much! Thank you for continuing to write! I have been struggling . . .you help me just do it!
    I took care of a friend’s goats earlier this year, while they were gone. . .so glad nothing like this happened on my watch. 🙂

  2. I asked

    “Is that a picture
    of a dead goat?” Yes, she said.
    I had to ask, “Why?”

    Wherearetheheros, I like your poetry. Thank you for sharing it with the world.
    ~ RunawayKeyboard

    • Its just a picture of the tail of a plane and some peace signs over tundra

      I am very glad for you to like it !!!

      thanks so much

      • I do like your picture very much. Indeed, I’m very taken by them all. My comment, such as it is, was perhaps inappropriate … a tiny haiku bow to another story concerning a goat, this one three-dimensional but unfortunately deceased on a trail, which my friend was walking. Seeing the photo she took I asked what I asked and then asked why [take a photo of a dead goat] and she replied, perfectly, swiftly, purely, “Because I had never seen one, that’s why.”

        I liked that answer and your piece brought it to mind. Turns out I have a thing for goats, love stories about them, clever Billies that they are.

      • Thanks for ‘splainin .
        Once I was on a survey crew that saved a goat on a chain. He was all twisted up in plastic.

        Come to think of it I have never seen a dead goat.

        I am thinking now of a goat and a reel to reel tape deck…..

        Thanks again

  3. Goat’s Head Soup?


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