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This cognitive universe


Blank pages expand to the edges of this cognitive universe.
They curl in on themselves like waves.
A feather pen floats down and dances out a  story across the bleached sheets .
A tale of a slave, a rich woman , a snake
and an old man with a knack for appearing out of forests and fields.
The border illustrates the story.
There are emerald serpants slithering around wooden bowls that can’t hold the mellow apples falling out into the black hole that surrounds this cognitive universe.


About wherearetheheros

just someone my mother might know

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  1. love the image of the feather pen writing stories (and the cognitive black hole 😉

    • Glad for you to like this thing that started with the idea of nothing to say which turned into “staring at the empty pages(traffic/winwood )
      which turned into an even bigger idea of empty pages which….

      Thanks so much bluebee

  2. I loved the “mellow apples” and how it started out and turned into something wonderful! 🙂

    • watch out there is something falling from the sky!!

      I love mellow apples . I dont like them tart or crisp.
      Once I found an apple on one of my brothers trees in the dead of winter.
      I dont know how it stayed on the tree through all those freezes.
      Although it was brown and mushy inside it had a strange but wonderful taste.

      thanks Debbie


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