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A thousands sunsets
One pale moon
A drink of water poured

Doubled over recompense
Early riser’s war

Sell the daylight
Buy the time
Lassos stir the sky

The cock crows once
The cock crows twice
The sun burns through the mist

Small shadows stretch from tombstones
Snakes begin to hiss

About wherearetheheros

just someone my mother might know

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  1. snakes are scary
    you are not afraid of them?

    • They do not scare me at all in real life but I do respect them.
      I have a recurring snake dream that seriously scares me and I am scared of snakes in films as well.

      • hmmm… guess ‘respect’ is indeed a better word to describe~~~

        Haha when I was young and didn’t want to fall asleep after lunch, my dad sometimes said there’s a snake under you bed and if you moved then it’d come to bite you~~~

  2. This sounds like a surreal prophecy. Love it . . .and am so glad to be back long enough to read your poetry again! yay!


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