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Breathe with me


I am a tumbler
My  arms and legs pushing against the walls of a hollow di
My di is red with deep white dimples

I can feel the presence of loved ones rolling next to me
No sun or sky for us
Hopefully they aren’t in the same trap
Maybe they are just thinking of me as they walk along a quiet beach or hunt deer deep in the forest
It could be just their thoughts that surround me
As I tumble through my days

About wherearetheheros

just someone my mother might know

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  1. haha i like tumbling
    it takes people a lot of courage to kick off the ground and be in the air

    you know you really have great potentials in illustration!!!!
    your drawing always impress me~~~

    have a nice weekend!

    • Well thank you Summer.
      I got a new phone and I just recently got wordpress to work properly on it, that is why there were no pictures for a while .
      My dad was an artist of sorts.
      I am not one at all but it is fun to draw with fingertips on the phone.


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