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Suli and the earth. Suli and the sky

At the base of Hata mountain in the village of the geyser, there sits a small thatched roof hut with a goat tied out front. This is the home of a green-eyed boy whose name is Suli. For as long as Suli can remember, he has done a most remarkable thing each night after the Hulkans have settled down and the Baylers have stopped their whining.

In this time, when the whole village is resting, Suli emerges from his hut and climbs up on top of the well house.
He stands erect, faces the geyser, and raises his hand in the air. Beginning at the geyser, Suli traces the skyline of cliffs and rocks and trees and mallouw fields all the way around and back to his point of beginning. Every night when this task is completed, the strand he traces comes alive. It bucks and kicks itself across the sky before it gets sucked in by the geyser, while  Suli holds tightly to the end with both of his small calloused hands.
While the stars cross the sky above, Suli does the chameleon dance around the axis of the color wheel and spins inside lighted time. Sometimes he sits quietly in the very core and listens to the perfect turning. In his mind, he is stepping on the earth lightly like a deer at the lakeside. He sees his horns shine in the water. He hears the world turn into sunrise just before he reaches up for the rope that returns to trace out his skyline and gently drops him upon his humble well house miles below the snow peaked caps of Mount Hata where harsh winds blow and whistle in the ears of no one.


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