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just like Jesse James

before I die I want to spend the night on a boat
out in the middle of a big lake or even on the ocean
I can feel the waves rocking me to sleep as I write this
That gentle lapping sound against the dimpled aluminum of some old boat
born out of this fantasy
So far from here
like distant sky divers
disappearing behind storm clouds….
I would probably fall overboard at 3:35am when I had to pee

Remember when I rode motorcycles and went to Russia
Did I have friends?

If I never get to sleep on that boat
Spread my ashes over some lonely body of water
And remember that I went to Russia and rode motorcycles
Say something about I had friends one time
Just some general kind of statement
You ain’t gotta lie or nuthin

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just someone my mother might know

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  1. will you finger-connect the stars into trees and rabbits while lying in your aluminum boat? 🙂
    and make a story out of them?

    2 months ago i told my sister that i wanna die like ophelia
    singing and backstroking~

    • Perhaps I will trace the shapes and remove them from the sky,like a cookie cutter. Bright bright trees and rabbits shining down on my boat, beaming down for ages to light the way for your final backstroke.

      Thanks for reading my story!

  2. At 3.35am on a distant body of water, the nightsky is pure magic, so look up as the water closes overhead 🙂

  3. I’ve told my family I want to be thrown overboard when I die – not cremated first, and we don’t live near the ocean. They just look at me. But I get it.


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