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softly on the wall

Take my chalkboard eraser brain outside
And beat it against a brick wall
Watch my memories float and hang in the sunlight
Prepare a eulogy for the day it rains and melts them into the ground
Don’t make it too sad because there are always traces deep inside
And similar scratchings keep appearing on my blackboard
Days scratch on across the dusty slate
There is a rhythm to it
And the dust that lies deep inside resonates
It answers back to now


About wherearetheheros

just someone my mother might know

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  1. I have to love “my chalkboard eraser brain.” Just have to. Thank you for always bringing me something to think about, smile about and be inspired by!

  2. : ) are you a teacher?
    what do you teach?

    • i am not a teacher ,except for sunday school 🙂

      my wife teaches english lit. to high school students

      i am a surveyor .
      i have a degree in math but not all that high powered math you are doing 🙂

      • o ic~~~ i wish i could spend sundays with kids too~~~
        nah~~~ that’s noto ‘high powered’… they are nothing but numbers and kid’s doodling~~~

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