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My concave


My lethargy is concave
and brimming over
with mundane tasks
I sailed around and watched them fall over
Down into the realm of others
I heard faint echoes of
“on the ball” and ” carpe…something ”
Hard to say exactly
It was just then that the wind changed direction and drove me back to the silent center
The waves subsided and all was still
No more falling over the edges

I fell asleep and dreamed in the sunlight
A beautiful dream
of evaporation
I awoke inside the dream to find my ship turned sideways on the cold hard bottom of my lethargy
I grew wings and flew towards a purple mountain
I had never felt more alive
I awoke and shook the dreams from my hair
As they fell they made pretty little ripples
across my tired ocean

About wherearetheheros

just someone my mother might know

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  1. You are still a genius . . .a tired genius. Wishing you some zzzzz’s soon! 🙂


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