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We rode horses

We rode horses

We rode horses down here and hunted along this road
This road full of trees a foot in diameter
Or was the road over there
This looks like the ford or
So much water has passed over
So much rain
So much lightning
and thunder
Since we rode horses here

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  1. There is something special about this poem . . .like there is about all your poems. It brings to me a sweet longing of times past, before there was so much rain and lightning. Today we rode this little train through the park . . .like we always do. Dear daughter loves it. I looked into the woods from the train, searching for deer. I’m amazed at all the dead trees there are, laying every which way. Your poem just brought that thought out of me! 🙂

    • wherearetheheros

      That road starts just a few hundred feet from my house and I really can’t trace it anymore.
      Things must change but its good to be able to count on things, like a train ride with momma.


  2. horse riding in the thunder storm!
    cannot be more fiction-like
    i wish i could buy a horse
    and pay the debt of buying that horse by horse racing
    the other night’s dream

    • The thunder and lightning are metaphors for all the stuff (good and bad) that went down during the time the trees grew up in the trail.
      It has been many years since I have ridden a horse.

      Summer wants her own horse
      Do dah
      do dah
      O the do dah day

      Thanks for all your comments!

      • Ah~ I see. I would like to tell this metaphor to my future kids if they ask their mom ‘what is life’
        haha~ thanks. so cute… I haven’t imagined the sound of riding it yet~~~

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