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on sunday

On Sunday

I could sleep until next Thursday

Late in the afternoon

When the day is trading places

Preparing for the night

In this quiet peaceful time

I would awake with wide white eyes

To eat a big bowl of jalapeño spaghetti

With some butter bread

Then fall back in-  to comatose sleep

In my still warm bed


About wherearetheheros

just someone my mother might know

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  1. sounds exactly like my Sunday yesterday – a rare indulgence 😀

  2. Oh to sleep . . .without guilt of wasting time or not meeting responsibilities. My oldest used to tell me that she’ll sleep when she’s dead. ! ha! Thank you for the rest I got just reading this!

    • wherearetheheros

      I don’t buy that “sleep when I’m dead”stuff.

      I am more like “sleep is to die for” or
      “I’m just dying to take a nap” 🙂

      Peace and rest to you today


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