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The world rang you up


The world rang you up

When the world rang you up
You let the answering machine do your bidding
Not even a brief message from you
Only a mechanical voice that paused awkwardly for the reading of your name
The world left a message that sounded like a wheel spinning
You never returned the call

About wherearetheheros

just someone my mother might know

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  1. Great one! Thank you!

  2. ha, yes – it can be a bit like that

  3. the wheel never stopped spinning
    the phone can never be unplugged

    HAHA I love the cute drawing~! So cute~!

    • You can always unplug it from the wall, the phone that is 😉

      I am glad you liked my phone art.

      • really? how can you negotiate with birds? and negotiate with the waking sunshine? and negotiate with your boss who expect you to show up in the office earlier?

        they all sounds much louder than the ringtone on the cellphone~~~

  4. Summer

    you muddle up my simple answer
    and thats okay with me 🙂


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