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Sleep away every sickness


Sleep away every sickness

Would it be better to sleep through every sickness
To breathe heavily through pneumonia and snore away sciatica
Or does it makes us stronger to be conscious of our trails
And you will say –
It gives us empathy to suffer through
But wouldn’t be better to just have some sleep in our eyes and pull back the curtains and start over fully recovered and follow the butterscotch sunshine into another Chelsea Morning
Think how quiet it would be in a hospital
The dumps would be full of all those noisy beeping,dripping ,rolling nightmares
Every nurse would be Joni Mitchell walking on tip toes through the night carrying bowls of oranges


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  1. And this is why you are a hero . . .poems like this. 🙂 How I would wish just this for all the sick! Thank you! (something about the nurses carrying the bowls of oranges really got me!)

  2. sleep heal-ability~!
    we all have those moments when we wish things would be magically fixed after waking up.
    because sometimes they indeed do.
    because sleep is a calculator that does additions
    when we wake up, the pros and cons have been added up
    and we start over with this simple answer
    light weighted
    no more skepticism… no more doubt… no more ponderance… no more hesitation…
    than last night : )


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