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The days of easy money

The days of easy money

His bad decisions and other ghosts
Appear more often now
That the money is drying up
It leaves rings as it evaporates
Menacing dark rings to frame
the fear in his eyes
Where their reflections appear and fade away in the darkness
Leaving him with nothing more
than his own reality


Find an echo/ driftwould

Maybe you could find an echo
Or build a ship from driftwood
The soft lapping of waves might set things… better
And you could hear yourself think out there on Lake Erie
or some ocean with caves and mountains that try to frame the sky
Calling out to you with echo sounds
X-ing through whale songs and dolphin jokes and gentle trade winds that rustle in your ears
Drowning out


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  1. I like the line about it leaving dark rings to frame the fear in his eyes. 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

  2. some of us drown, because we can’t see the Life belt thrown to us, or maybe we don’t want to see. x

  3. Hi WhereAreTheHeroes,

    A nice sequence of poetry here. A stark reality juxtaposed with a pleasing scene used as an attempt to escape, the way I’m reading it. (Maybe also too much escape leading to the stark reality–I’m not sure whether it was your intent to convey that).

    Thank you for reading and commenting on my blog.

    I am thinking this poem of yours is linked to Jingle’s Thursday Poetry Rally, but I did not see the link in the participants lists or in the fresh poet’s list (maybe you’re in there and I just missed you, so I hope I got the right poem, if the rally is how you found my blog.

  4. you are reading it right Elaine!
    i am not a part of Jingle’s thing at all,nothing againist it though.
    I cant remember how I ended up at your place but I liked that inkwell thing 🙂

    thanks for dropping by


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