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Of birds and breakfast


Of birds and breakfast

A heron appears out of the west falling across daybreak on its way to breakfast

Thousands of pounds of dough is kneaded rolled and pounded into biscuits

Roosters crow into the sunrise

Ties are straightened

Baby robins stretch their way toward the light that pierces their still shut eyelids

Engines rumble into the sky

A murder of crows call to each other in the pines

A Jake brake rips the night into morning

The owl closes her eyes


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  1. This is so magical! πŸ™‚ Thank you! And nice owl pic too!

  2. This is just lovely – I love the way that last line contrasts between the diurnal and nocturnal – and this morning, my other half and I were just talking about how the lorikeets come to our garden for breakfast (camellias)


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