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Our frozen holiday/My delightful disconnect


Lay me down in an empty ice tray
So I can melt into each little compartment and seek my own level

These members are crying out for a vacation
And there is enough of me to leave a skim between the holes
To be used exclusively for vital communication

I am
        We are
Ready for a dark deep freeze
Please don’t cover me with tin foil turkey
Let me
            Let us
rest in a safe place in the door
We can feel the hum of our Artic cruise ship better
   And catch phrases from mumbled noises outside in the ocean we once called home

I think
             We feel like
When this is over
                           We will be ready
For anything


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just someone my mother might know

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  1. After reading this, I want to send you and your family on a nice trip! 🙂 Thank you . . .I love it all!

    • Vacation is almost a curse word at our house.
      We pretty much go on a trip only if the inlaws are paying and it is Very crowded.

      I think I threw you off with I/we
      The members are my body parts.
      I and we is me ;).

      Maybe my brain was on vacation already when I wrote this.
      Thanks Debbie!

  2. Hibernation springs to mind. 😀 , oh to miss the holiday blues, when nothing is as it seems. Sometimes just a day away is better then a whole trip. xPenx

    • Oh no now you have me singing Joni Mitchell’s “River”.
      Which is quite a turn from my compartmentalized Hibernation.
      Lay down [on an ice tray]
      Melt down [into the molds]
      Join the HIBER NATION!!!!!!

      Thanks ppp


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