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With a handful of fertlizer and a bag full of mulch

Trailing ivy like a wedding dress

The junior statue makes his way to the garden

He considers the summer sun
Angles ,tree heights etcetera

He considers the winter wind
Garden walls,hedges etcetera

He considers Hocha’s words
about the lovely granite girls
across the mountain

When he has fixed his position in his mind he makes his approach

He turns around in his spot
He turns towards the mountain
He begins to walk to the granite girls

Midstride he throws down his fertilizer and mulch

Centuries later the people marvel at the longing in his cold rock face

While his roots inch their way over the mountain
Ever closer to the lovely granite girls

About wherearetheheros

just someone my mother might know

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  1. This marvellous imagery made me smile – you have a wild imagination 🙂

  2. This is positively delightful. 🙂 We have bags of fertilizer in the garage . . .and I spread some mulch just last weekend . . .hmmm. Now why didn’t I think of what you did??? 🙂

    • You were probably working with plants. You would have thought of it if you were planting statutes.
      In my work I sometimes search for “planted stones” these are tall stones set in the ground with a good portion of it sticking up in view. Sometimes while we are digging around my friend Jeff will point out a small rock and say,”that’s a planted stone that hasn’t come up yet.” .
      So maybe Jeff is responsible for this crazy thing.

      Thanks so much Debbie


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