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Onza,mola, puew


On my bed of sixes
Stars and planets distract me
Pull me into strange orbits
They count my sheep
In a six based number system
They call shroondra
Onza, mola,puew
On my bed of sixes
Onza, mola, puew


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just someone my mother might know

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  1. I hope you have as much fun writing these as I do reading them. 🙂
    Oh, forgot to tell you I’m still giggling over the “larger audience” idea you had. 🙂

    • I was nodding off when I wrote this silly thang.

      I removed the “larger audience ” comment because my wife said with bad jokes like that I may end up with no audience.
      I am glad it made You laugh!

  2. You’ll probably think I’m insane, but the rhythm reminds me of the 23rd psalm: [They] pull me into strange orbits; they count my sheep. I dearly love the idea of stars and planets distracting.

    • you probably know im now ha ha

      I read the Bible a lot so that may have been an influence here.
      I was in and out of sleep as I wrote this and seriously exhausted, I can feel the orbits best then 🙂

      so glad you liked it

  3. i love the excitement in the drawing~~~
    so curious… what is the 6 in your bed?

    • The 6 in my bed was really in head. I was extremely tired and fixated on 6.
      Possible explanation maybe my unique bed ~If 6 was 9-
      A jimi Hendrix song about being different.
      Best I can do, its a good question and I thought of it often today.
      Thanks for your interest!

      • You are welcome.
        Hmmm… I would like to think of 7 in head while in bed then.

        Your unique bed? Did you pile too many stuff near the pillow so you crouch to sleep in a reversed way? If so, move the stuff to the tail of your bed then you can be 9?

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