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What is this bridge of bones


Send an earthquake down my spine
Shake my stable mind
To fix a gulf and set the armies
For my skull based civil war
Give them rations and Chesterfields
Until they cannot even breath
Bury the casualties  in the gulf

In my old age they will walk across
on piles of skeletons

At my death the young ones will walk over and say
What is this bridge of bones?


About wherearetheheros

just someone my mother might know

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  1. You write the best stuff. I need lessons . . .:)

  2. This reminded me of my poem The Road of Bones.
    I like the new layout and design by the way, cool.

    • glad you like the new look
      I love the picture drawing thing.
      My small time blogging is now done almost entirely on my phone,
      at bed time mostly.
      I love The Road of Bones –



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