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The truth about pain



Pain is an island in your mind
Different parts of your body and spirit send delegates there for vacation.
This is a good system but sometimes the delegates get drunk and fight in the cash bar late at night. Sometimes they form destructive relationships after a snorkeling expedition or a boat ride.The mental delegates have a terrible reputation for this. You can find some of them there all year,  smoking under the palm trees with the sleep still in their eyes.

During the hurricane season everyone, except the mentals, leaves the island or I should say “is supposed to leave”, there are stragglers and forgetful ones who get stuck on the island for hurricane season.
When the storms have passed they come slithering out of the hotel basement and over to the palm trees to bum a smoke from a mental.


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  1. You capture pain like no one else I know. 🙂 Thank you!

  2. This is not a holiday I want to go on. I wouldn’t want to be the travel agent for this destination!

    • My back got me a great deal.
      I just got —-back—- from a big vacation there.
      Man those mentals were draggin me down.
      Good to be —back—-:)

      Hope never to see you there!

  3. I like this ! Good to give “pain” an identity, although I wish I had never met it !!!


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