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Beastly burdens


If she leaves from home
She knows the way back
The rider need not worry over details

Left at the branch,  right at the twin Oak
He can fix his mind somewhere else
Like the last biscuit on the table by the window
His wife’s hair
Shades of yellow
The possibilities are there for him
While the poor beast repeats to herself again and again
With every hoof beat
Left at the branch
left at the branch
Left at the branch
Her gait as well as her thought process form a mental cushion
For her rider to build upon

His mind a yellow sun kaleidoscope
Shining through his wife’s hair
Through the window as he walks in
She puts some butter on the last biscuit and mouths (in slow motion
)  w e l c o me.  H o m e
Her face is radiant like an angel drawing in a children’s book
Layers of yellow
Surrounding her soft image
As they round the bend
Right at the oak
Right at the oak
Right at the oak


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just someone my mother might know

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  1. Oh I love this take on beastly burdens. sigh. Thank you!


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