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Fangs unseen

Warm and dark
Wet and slick

Plot a beautiful curve from the gum
Line to the shiny tip

Build a monument based on the curve

Put it in a building
with no lights
with a spiral staircase encircling the monument

Run warm water over it
(quiet water )

Let those who love art run their hands across the slick beautiful curve as they stand behind rails
reaching out across  the darkness
pleasantly rising up to the spongy gum

Never turn the lights on

Always make them pay

About wherearetheheros

just someone my mother might know

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  1. You are at it again! How do you write all these???? Thank you for my poetry fix and art fix too!

    • of late this is the last thing I do before falling asleep,it’s fun and it is nice that you like it.
      i would really like to see or should i say not see
      the “fangs unseen” exhibit 🙂

      thanks Debbie


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