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Dream 15


The confetti wizard knows the texture and the colors to turn your chameleon key
He waits for you on the corner
Following behind pretending to be
Bushes and orange groves and pastel mountain ranges
Until You come to where the pavement ends
It drops down in ragged edges

There is a stadium chicken with a megaphone

and your falling past the disjointed pavement
Holding tightly to the confetti wizard’s ankles
Until you are both thin soft strips of light green florescent confetti
You drift upon an easy wind
Following the general direction of the river
Looping past smoke from peasant fires
You see them smiling up at you
They begin to wave as you waft into your window as one sleepy
Man in a pale and dusty room
On a very soft bed

Goodnight man
Goodnight confetti wizard


About wherearetheheros

just someone my mother might know

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  1. A confetti wizard and stadium chicken in the same poem/dream? Wow! I love it!!!
    I had one with flying zebras and piles of tennis shoes. haha! Thank you for poeming dreams!


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