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DreAm 14


Dream 14

He picked up the conch shell as if he was going to put his ear up to listen but he did not turn his head.
He opened his mouth to release a roaring wind which was sucked up into the pink confines of the shell along with us. We were floating and swirling about and our bodies were warm like water that has been trapped in your ear. Warm like the way it feels when it pours out.
And we could feel every pore in our bodies thank us for this journey.
Our minds stayed clear but unfocused and oh so very warm and slippery. It was several days before we realized that we had become a conch .


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  1. Oh I like this dream. Somedays I think I’d like to be a conch. ha! Thank you for sharing, with lovely art too!

  2. this has been a very long work day 8am-1130pm
    i am fixin to conch out 🙂

    thanks so much


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