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If these walls fail you


When every nerve is spent

You are too tired to fall down the stairs into slumber
Could you stand in wet grass and wait for the wind
Or would you lie there until the rain
fell on your face

If these walls fail you

Like.         the.         past

Will there be enough strength left
To pull the second hand from the clock
To hold it up
like a lightning rod

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just someone my mother might know

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  1. I love the poem, the way it’s written and your word choices are always wonderful. Just need to think about it awhile, because I’m not sure what it’s saying to me!

    • I’m not exactly sure what it is saying either.
      Lets leave it lay a while ,like a dead owl on the porch.
      Maybe a sage will come down from the mountains and explain it.
      Maybe the dogs will drag it off.
      Who knows??? 🙂

      at any rate thanks for suffering through it with me!

  2. If my four walls fail me, I shall think of your poem and blame you 😉 ,
    and isn’t it strange when you compose a poem and find you have no real idea what and where exactly it came from…you just like it. As I do this…xPenx

  3. Wow! Too tired to fall down the stairs into slumber is really tired. This is a terrific poem, and the comments about your creative process are very intriguing.


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