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One thing you should know about Uncle Herbert is thathe was always right. Part of that was due to his excellent memory and the other part to a certain degree of lovable stubborness. The fact that he was losing his mind in the later years did not alter his uncanny ability to win every argument. Should you doubt that he was indeed losing his mind I would have to remind you that he forgot that he smoked. Over two packs a day for 70+ years and he forgot!

Now that we have cleared that up we will move on to one of his final disputes. It was over the matter that his dear wife was gone on to be with the Lord. He was determined that this was not so. For the sake of closure and sanity his son and caregiver took him to the graveyard to settle the grim riff between them. It was ,as all things concerning Herbert were for all time, a slow process. At last they came upon the  solemn stone and Herbert was shown Sara’s name thereupon. He stared at it for a bit and then gave David this bit of wisdom,” Whose name is that under hers,pause for effect, that’s my name and I aint dead.”

Herbert was always right.


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  1. Oh I loved this! So funny and good and I really needed to laugh right now. 🙂 Okay, now I can go on . . .
    Thank you!

  2. Logical, so therefore so hard to dispute.
    Wonderful tale, and it’s wonderful too, how the older and in-firmer you get, the more sure you are that you’re right and everyone else is wrong. It’s logical 😉 xx

    • Except for his brief stint in the army Herbert was very confident his whole life.
      The red was still there even when his hair turned gray.:)

      Thanks so much for reading about my uncle.

  3. This is simply wonderful. And your comment – the red was still there when his hair turned gray — a perfect summation.


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