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Turtle shell


I set sail in a turtle shell
To taste the waters sweet
On the seventh hour of the seventh day my journey was complete

The water glistened cheerfully
Like sparkles in dark eyes
Waves broke brightly into my soul
I sailed back home in time

About wherearetheheros

just someone my mother might know

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  1. This is so sweet . . .like a children’s nursery rhyme! 🙂

  2. wherearetheheros

    Thanks Deb

  3. where was the Turtle? I hope you didn’t leave him without his home? 😉 but you did bring it back so all’s well, and I loved the story.

    • I found two turtle shells in the woods while working yesterday.
      My friend who was helping me said
      whats wrong
      me – it died
      dont they just find a new shell
      me – they arent hermit crabs you know

      i am a big turtle fan
      i have a pet red slider and a pet snapper
      the snapper was rescued from a friends pool

      thanks so much!

  4. Good Lord – what a lovely poem. And so is the art work for all your poems, wath.

  5. Sometime, Wherearetheheros, if you could share which phone art app you use, I would love to explore. Thank you.


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