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Olfactory detour


Olfactory detour

It’s not a choice to go back
To uncover emotions like a body in a bog

Some kind of exponential formula governs this distance between
now and smell
Taste and then
falling through a portal
Into instantly familiar territory mapped out in brain waves

Walking with the dead amongst the rubble

Long enough to breathe yourself back to life

As you know it

About wherearetheheros

just someone my mother might know

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  1. very special – we know that sense of falling through the portal, the worm hole to then

    • i think your comment sounds more poetic than my poem

      the portal
      the wormhole
      to then

      and now I feel like I have brass in pocket
      “i’m special, so special”
      oh no
      I’m no Chrissy Hine

      thanks so much

  2. Oh Chrissy has nothing on you! πŸ™‚ Thank you for the wonder, and Monica for the poem comment!


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