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Nostalgia the disease of my people

In the sixties my people weren’t fat
And ” my people ” were my extended family
I can see my people laughing, smoking, playing horseshoes on a Sunday afternoon

In the 10s everyone is fat
My people.  your people
I see them sipping bottled water, talking about cholesterol
without the laughter


About wherearetheheros

just someone my mother might know

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  1. wherearetheheros

    I’m fat too

  2. These poems are awfully good — thought-provoking, too. I’m ready to read more.

  3. I just love this one . . .so much. 🙂 My hubby had a heart attack last Nov. The doctors were great, he’s doing good. They had wanted him to go for some rehab/exercise prior to returning to work. He went just to talk to them, check it out. But, it wasn’t for him, he said. Everyone there was old and fat. haha!

  4. I’m fat, but laughing and losing weight. Sorry I can’t be among your people.

    • My people are kin ,always have been but the meaning of my people has changed .
      A lot of things have changed.
      Nostalgia kind of sounds like a disease you know
      like fiba-nostalgia ….

      I am very glad for you to come by and I will be by your place.
      Maybe I can be one of your people 🙂


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