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Henri the light rider

Henri kept the unicorn in the far barn at the back of the pasture.
He felt bad about locking her up all day but she didn’t seem to mind.
The sunlight did filter through the cracks and there was an opening up high.
Every night except for full moons he let her out for an hour or so.
She never bolted out or acted excited. After a few minutes she would run and jump very high.
Henri secretly thought she could fly if she wanted but he didn’t speak his mind.

He was so proud when his dad put him in charge of her.
She had been in the Hill family for as long as anyone could remember.
There was even a unicorn on the family crest. That was the only clue though and really who would believe such a thing.

On weekends Henri would take her for long rides down by the river.
Whenever she bent down to drink he felt a rush kind of like a waterfall inside of him. When she jumped over a stream or a boulder Henri felt as if he was air or a spirit or anything not connected to this earth. Those feelings were something he never talked of with his dad or anyone but there was a bond between all the family who had cared for her. He knew they had all felt these things. It was in their eyes and the soft wrinkles around their mouths.
His uncle had told him about the time she ran a grizzly bear through with her horn and then snorted over him and brought him back to life.
Henri loved that story but at the same time he was very content just to feel like a waterfall or a free and weightless spirit .


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  1. This is wonderful. I wonder if I’ll dream of unicorns now tonight. Hope so! Thank you!

  2. wherearetheheros

    You never know what you will find in someone’s barn 🙂


  3. I love this, Wath. That feeling of a rushing waterfall inside – wonderful. By the way, I thought I subscribed, but WordPress didn’t. So this time I did it right.

  4. A lovely heartwarming tale, and I think I’d feel the same way as Henri. xPenx


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