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Your windy brain/mind business

There are tiny people in your brain
Running back and forth with boxes of blood and Cheerios
Trying to equalize your mind
  The way the wind blows between
     Big bodies of water
     To get the temperatures right
Only it doesn’t carry onion rings or the lyrics to Mississippi Queen

Sometimes the people run into each other and bad things happen
    Like a hurricane

Sometimes the people fight and the
Bad one dies
     Like when a hurricane dies right after it gets a name

The people do not ever sleep
They rearrange things dictated by your dreams
They hate this because in the morning they have to work harder
To equalize it all again
    Like the way the wind blows hard to dry up the ground after a long cold rain

The people work long shifts and have great contests to see which clan has to work during holidays
Competition can be fierce
That’s when blood runs out your ear
And you thought it was the north wind


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  1. Just amazing! I love how your mind thinks . . .little people and all! 🙂 Terrific last stanza!

  2. wherearetheheros

    I always think there are busy little people in :
    computers,cell phones,internal organs etc..
    They don’t mind if batteries die or people sleep.
    I pity the people trapped in there .:)

    Thanks for reading

  3. Maybe they volunteered. Maybe they like it. Maybe they love it. Maybe one of them is named Felix Pappalarde. Maybe.

  4. I seem to have this instinctual ability to pluck names out of the air and place them down where they perhaps would rather not be. Coupled with this is another tendency to not remember names I really should. Amazingly enough this is almost always connected to musicians. Poor Felix indeed. Had no idea; was drawn to his name because I like it for no other reason. 😦 I like the piece … and that’s okay, yes?

    • I didnt even know who he was so I looked it up.
      I was no fan of Mountain but it was sad for him to go deaf and get shot by his wife.

      no worries 🙂

      I wrote this cutting funny kind of thing about Adam (Bonanza )
      one time and the fellow died soon after. someone found my drivel
      after googling his name . point is , i know what you mean


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