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3 & easy


Coldblooded gossip

We watched you there
Basking like a reptile
They told me your eyes had scales
They said your blood was never warm
I questioned their motives
I asked for credentials
Not a zoologist in the bunch
But one of them claimed to own a turtle

))))))))) ((((((((((

           I win

Arrest my dictates
Watch me crumble
Put me behind bars

            I win

>))))))))))    <((((((((((

I want to be plankton

I want to be plankton
Suspended in salty watered down  sunlight
Ignorant of the hunger of whales
Undaunted by my place in the food chain
Happy to slosh about
And just be

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  1. A 3-fer! 🙂 You are on a roll! Thanks for writing. I wish I was as imaginative and creative as you! My last non-blog poem is about grocery shopping. ! help me . . .

    • Grocery shopping:
      I imagine you and the girls struggling through with all those “face” cans and bottles.
      There is a song playing in the grocery
      ” baby cried the day the circus came to town”
      whoops there are clowns in the song

      2 hours later

      You and the girls all asleep on a big bed.
      the frozen vegetables are melting through the large paper bag on the floor as the sunlight streams in
      and sparkles the eye of the cat sniffing the bag.


      i must quit
      thank you for letting me be crazy
      here is a trip to the grocery for a lifetimes worth of cheese:

      • Oh . . .you have me laughing and now the daughter who doesn’t like the bottles or the clowns is asking me what’s wrong. ! haha! Thank you for brightening and lightening my days! 🙂 more stuff of heroes!

  2. Ha, very funny, very interesting reading, excellent! Good stuff!

  3. My day is complete after reading this and that: “The Great Patty Caper,SpongeBob’s Last Stand,and Frozen Face Off) & Protagonist Villain in episode he leads/really focusing to him and Non-Villain in episode when he didn’t potrayed [sic or fabulously healthy, depending on your perspective] as an antagonist/villain. He operates a struggling restaurant called the Chum Bucket, located directly across the street from the Krusty Krab. His primary goal in the series is to steal the Krabby Patty recipe and put Mr. Krabs out of business. Plankton succeeds at stealing the recipe in the movie, but his goal of world domination is thwarted by SpongeBob. In the episode “Friend or Foe”, it is revealed that Mr. Krabs and Plankton were once best friends, but a dispute over the Krabby Patty recipe ended their friendship.”

  4. Maybe

  5. With thanks to SpongeBobWiki


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