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Blood,sweat and razor blades

A slot within a razorblade
Where the wind comes through
Not a very good monocle
And a harsh way to view the world
With blood running down your cheek
Your eyes tearing up
Salt burning into the incision

Do you think it’s time for
a nice smooth piece of brass and glass
The lines on your forehead spell out yes
The briny blood on the table cries out for more

The wind is blowing in your eye
The wind blows back your hair
The blood is dripping off the table
Onto your antique chair

It is the the greatest tragedy
Played upon the harp
Your perversion of society’s request
Look sharp
My boy
Look sharp


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just someone my mother might know

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  1. Your work is so good. I loved this one. I don’t know how you keep putting them out. I’m lucky to get one every one to two weeks. (except for my blog . . .those don’t really count. ha!)


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