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furry sprites

Furry sprites

Lost in the morning of

Amongst a mirage of hollow beasts

Deer appear and fade away

Foxes stretch into oblique

They lean down and  turn to water

They melt into the sun

They are sacrificed for crow calls

And soft bright shafts of light

Dead to daytime

Alive to dreams

These fickle furry sprites


About wherearetheheros

just someone my mother might know

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  1. So that’s why they are so hard to grasp! Love that term . . .fickle furry sprites. Sounds like the next new thing for kids . . .:)

  2. Kids wouldnt like them because they always disappear in the light 🙂
    I had to help with Cabbage Patch Doll sales one time.
    ********Lunatic Fringe ,people are crazy about that stuff.

    The grass withers and the flower fades ……….

    thanks Deb!

  3. I could get lost in the shadows of your poetry. What name should I call you?

    • Wath – Where Are The Heros
      but I bet you already have a plethora of folks named Wath to keep up with 🙂

      so nice for you to come by Monica

      I really liked the alligator poem

      thanks so much


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