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Bladder battle(everyday of my life)

It feels like part of me is dying
And it wants to kill me
Take the rest of me down with it
Drowned and bludgeoned
Panic is as close to logic as I can get in these times
I am a wounded animal searching for water and refuge from the pack of wolves at my heels
I feel all the pain of everyone who has ever been here
I feel every vibration all the way to the core of the earth
I will never drink water again
    Think of a desert
    Think a hardened sponge

There are no waterfalls

I must rise above
Rise above

What’s this
A bush

An oasis

I don’t care if the whole world is watching


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  1. hahahahaha! Oh, I love this! More laughing! Actually, God spoke to me once during one of these kinds of battles. . .He’s too funny isn’t He! Now you bring it all back to me in a poem. Thank you!

  2. wherearetheheros

    It is funny- After the fact.
    It ain’t funny when its going down sister.
    Oh the TMI stories I could tell 🙂
    So glad to make you laugh

  3. Maybe guilty of a “sharing violation,” but it is funny! Thanks for that! Meant to tell you I got your clouds entry. It will be posted today. I hope to have contest results by Wednesday. My surgery held me up a bit. Thanks for entering!

    BTW, your “Bladder battles” reminds me of one of my posts from several months back “You know you are getting older when. . . There is a bladder-reference in there too!

    • thanks!
      I hope you are improving. I only noticed the surgery mention after I sent it in ,wouldn’t have bothered you at that time otherwise.

      I read your post about getting older , I think it takes MORE water in the shower 🙂


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