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ghost in the steam of soup

Ghosts in the steam of soup
Kabero comes to my apartment
Via Africa via Canada via New York City
Kabero says   you people eat food so bland
As he piles black pepper on his soup
Kabero says   Canada is too cold
Kabero says   the people in New York call me double dumb ass
But he likes it here
in the south
At school he is tired from the night shift at the motel
The motel he lives in
Kabero gets confused because he is so tired
He wants to write and read right to left
But he is not at home
He is in this left to right bland world
Kabero says not to be scared of his girlfriend’s son
When I meet them
He is just touched
He will not hurt you
He will only hug you and be happy
That is the way it goes down
everyone is smiling
In my memory of Kabero
Summoned by the steam rising from my heavy peppered chicken soup
Don’t worry my friend
It’s been twenty years and I haven’t told hardly anyone
That sometimes
You eat sausage

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  1. Fantastc. Absolutely. Breath-taking. The whole sweep of it. Truly. Majestic.

  2. You have such a gift! I feel so privileged to get to read your poems . . .thank you! 🙂

  3. i get it now! you are really good you know? on, on, may we grow and grow and grow!

  4. We are not grateful enough by far for discreet Kaberos. ~ RK

  5. I just read this again. Fallen in love with it all over again. Sent it to Reddit.


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