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Eagle and I

At night I take my brain out and put it in an eagle’s nest
Just outside my window

The eagle tries to hatch my human ideas
She says every man’s brain is an egg of sorts

I don’t believe her

she brings it back in the morning
With  downy little feathers stuck to it
All day long they cushion my brain and my thoughts are warm
And I remember seeing fish under the water from half a mile in the air and rush of the cold wind



The eagle perches in a large oak up the hill from the mall and recalls her nervous breakdown in the jewelry store
Oh how her


Bled all over those diamonds
That shined
like bloody

So goes our day
like clouds


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just someone my mother might know

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  1. I couldn’t comment on this one earlier, so glad I could come back to it! 🙂 Very cool! More of that imagination that is such a gift! We live in an area where seeing eagles was very rare. But now when we cross the river, we often see one flying pretty low over our car. love it!

  2. jealous of you seeing eagles

    I see an osprey here every year in spring but no eagles 😦

    thanks so much


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