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Every man or woman who had ever eaten at this table and sat in these chairs was a gentle, peaceful soul

They had entered contently
and left blissfully

For more than 100 years it had been this way

That is why there was a scowl upon the old inn keepers face when he heard them coming across the field

A loud rowdy bunch
Did one of them have green streaks of hair

What spell would be broken
How many drala to die
What saddness to be swept up when the crew finally departed

He went to the mirror and composed himself
Ready to watch it fall

They stumbled in
Ruder than expected
He pointed them to the table
A real smile

Immediately a hush fell upon them
After he brought the food he thought he heard Mr Greenhair lead them in a prayer of Thanksgiving

This moment was to be an eye in their stormy lives
They would follow their memories here again and again
Always welcomed by an ageless old man


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  1. This was so many kinds of wonderful! Want to submit it, huh, huh???? 🙂 No one gets rejected there, just so you know.

  2. I really like this one! The broken expectations, the idea of not being able to judge a book by its cover. Very nicely done! Peace, Linda

  3. This is so utterly beautiful and beyond praise for the words and the vision.There is a poem by GM Hopkins that is called In the Valley of the Elwy, and begins, “I remember a house where all were good to me, God knows deserving no such thing”
    This reminds me of that poem.


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