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Freedom speaks for itself


I looked through the walls of freedom
Traces of blood, hair and flesh
caught in the barbs of the wire

I looked down the halls of freedom
Shadows growing longer, boxed in by marble and stucco

I walked down the stairs of freedom
The Sun King stood at the door
a Mynah bird on his shoulder
With nothing to say
He said
“With nothing to say”

About wherearetheheros

just someone my mother might know

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  1. I like this so much! Does it have a background, a deeper meaning? (I have a pea brain . . .need much help!) πŸ™‚

  2. Mynah Bird = ancient Mockingbird?

    An old acquaintance from The Carolinas told me that when cell phones were first in heavy pedestrian use, that you could walk along the streets, under the old majestic trees full of Mockingbirds singing like ringtones.


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