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The Sweet Lake

They welcomed the stranger despite all of his faux pas.
Because he was so gracious that they showed him the Sweet Lake. It was about 10 sq miles.
On its banks were orchards of all types of the sweetest fruits.

The water seemed to change color every few minutes.
Pinkish hues morphed into purple and then a sparkling silver took over. These colors were not distinct and the way they changed about left everyone mesmerized, no one
ever spoke of it.

The third day of his accidental visit was the  Countenance
Swim Day, this would be Thursday in his land.
Everyone swam in the Sweet Lake. He marveled at the pinstriped fish and psychedelic
clams that seemed to emit
strangely familiar music.
Was it Nimrod …..Elgar somebody? ??
He fell asleep  near what looked like miniature sugar cane that waved about on the floor of the lake. It seemed perfectly normal to sleep here and rest in the music of the clams.

****To be continued ***-


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  1. My last read of the night . . .perfect for drifting off to. 🙂 Thanks!


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