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Conclusion of The Sweet Lake

He awoke to find the sugarcane field nearly barren ,the clams silent and tightly clasped against…? winter??
The pinstriped fish had lost most of their color and were floating around like zombies.
Slowly he began his ascent to the surface. He had a sick feeling about it as he rose.
Sure enough the top of the lake was frozen.  Closer inspection proved it to be GLAZED, thick white glaze covered the surface.
Oddly enough he remained calm despite the fact that in his homeland calmness in time of trouble  had never been his nature. He had no idea how long he had rested but he liked the way he felt.
He dove back down to survey the surface more carefully.
There were some ducks keeping a small hole clear in the glaze. As he swam towards them he remembered a giant multicolored lollipop he was given one Christmas long ago
He began to see it swirl, like it was being mixed in the factory,like he was spiraling down a drain with ducks and glaze holes surrounded by silver sparkling water and the music from the clams was returning : Edward Elgar
Nimrod from Enigma Variations.
When he climbed up on the glaze and the ducks settled down he heard it clearly now
he even saw the orchestra up on the hill amongst some bare pear trees. A snow that seemed to be powdered sugar was falling around his head when the orchestra stopped and he found himself on the 14th row
with a needle in his arm and his palefaced wife muttering something about insulin.


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  1. Oh . . .this was wonderful! You had me . . .no nodding off! 🙂 It also brought back memories of working with a diabetic friend. Thank you!!!

    • Thanks for reading my story and all your ” sweet ” comments. Haha
      My wife had a diabetic student one time. His dad died at 30 from it. It is hard to believe that he will make it that long given his extreme highs and lows. I thought the kid was a jerk the first few times I met him but I caught him on a good day once and we became friends – judge not…


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