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Maybe I am tired of seeing faces
On shampoo bottles
In twisted bark
On the back of stage lights
All over the sky
Blue Cyclops faces
Insanely happy conditioner bottle faces
Angry mutating cloud faces
They all know I see them.
Sometimes they change their expression if I stare long enough. If I look away and turn back they often vanish, not just the sky ones the whole lot is subject to become ordinary in a tiny opening of a sundial. A harsh sundial marked up for the stage or just laying there with a bit of mud on him looking very much like an ordinary thing and nothing to do with a face.

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just someone my mother might know

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  1. I could relate to this one! My youngest feels like everything is looking at her. All the lotion and shampoo bottles have to have their faces turned away . . .or stripped off, if it’s a sticker! ha! Now you know what to do . . .:)


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