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Mannequin daydream


Mannequin daydream

So warm that I’m almost melting.
Dizzy with comfort snuggness.

I’m a red Christmas candle placed within a wreath of holly,
surrounded by laughter and love that wells up and falls down to puddle around me like melting wax.
The smells of cakes from the oven and spices swirl around me.

I could just die I’m so content
here in this dress shop window
Window shopping the world with my cold glass eyes.
My dark eyes hold back the vacuum of my brain and if a devilish child were to pluck one of my dark stars from its socket the whole downtown would get sucked up inside of me.

You thought I would say” the whole store”, being very limited in my travels, or maybe you thought I would say ” the whole world” in a very plastic kind of over-the-top  way but I like to keep my day dream crashers guessing.
Nothing is private for our race but we do the best we can.


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just someone my mother might know

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  1. Okay . . .I’m not going to look at mannequins the same way again. . .steering clear! ha!


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