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Clean start/herding syndrome

Do you have any pain?

Yes doctor it’s like every animal I have ever eaten is herding inside me and I feel like ….. waa arrrack
Just then a steer climbed out of his mouth followed by some halfway flying chickens
All manner of beasts poured out for hours charging down the hospital hallways, flying into windows.There were a surprising number of unidentified creatures.
When the whole thing was over it was decided that their origin was from McRibs.
Of course everyone was thinking they had entered at the Chinese restaurant on 5th Street but since Mr Chin’s  daughter was the local brain surgeon it was safer and funnier to just blame it on McRib.
Mr jones started the year feeling fresh and clean. It was years before Medicare paid off all those broken windows and carpet stains and even longer for “herding syndrome ” was recognized in the medical community.


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